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Convoy is an online social platform, where people help each other bring great ideas to life.
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Connect with thinkers & makers across different fields and work on things you care about.

How it works.

Sharing your dream is the first step to making it real. Kickstart your ideas by crowd-sourcing them in an open library.

People can join in an idea, discuss and suggest improvements.
Take advantage of each other's expertise and get feedback to take your vision further.

Invest with your time, skills or connections. Help ideas grow into a roadmap for action and make something real that can change your life, or the world.

Your terms.

You have the final word on the improvements you want to integrate into your idea. If a contributor wants to explore a different path, he can share it as a new idea forked from your initial concept. This way, you always collaborate on your own terms.


Users can fork ideas that inspire them. These forks become new entries in the open library and the original creator is credited as the inspirator.

Each idea is a starting point to others ideas. This promotes experimentation and enables a single vision to spark an infinity of new interpretations (you can even fork your own ideas!).

Why Convoy?

Explore a world of knowledge and inspirations

We help good ideas and good people find each other, so that thinkers and makers can build new opportunities and make better things together. Convoy is for those brave enough to put their ideas out there, for those who see collective genius.

Be free to play and experiment

By allowing many people to interact with any given idea, we let creative minds be free to play and explore as many points of view as possible. Convoy’s open and dynamic interactions transform chance encounters into driven, passionate collaborations.

Build social capital

Be part of something bigger, bring your unique expertise to ideas that inspire you and have others reciprocate. It is about going outside of your comfort zone and letting others help you define new possibilities. Support each other to make an impact.

Your idea needs the world.
The world needs your idea!
Coming soon! Request an invite.
* We won't sell your email, nor spam you. Ever.

Who we are.

Hayli Chwang


A seasoned art director passionate about challenging the status quo. Hayli leads the Convoy team with her creative know-how and flare for problem solving, she loves to fight the good fight, whether it’s coding, design or how not to kill her cactus.

Jean-Baptiste Béchu

Market Lead

JB is the culture guru of the platform. He studied history and was an expert in trends and arts before deciding to use his skills to create a platform that would influence what he loves, and change what he hates. There are tons of both.

Nils Medina

Product Lead

Nils is a self-taught hacker who works on the code behind Convoy. Raised in a celtic land, he travelled quite a bit before moving to Berlin. Now he collects records and worships pirates more than a grown man should.

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